Unique leather products

Buffel Leatherworks Atelier designs with your wishes in mind. This way the products that you will sell to your customers or the equipment used by your employees will be 100% unique and they will fit with whatever appearance you’re trying to convey.

Our 1000m² atelier is furnished with both the time-tested classic stitching machines, as well as computer-operated ones. Furthermore, our atelier is also equipped with die cutting machines, as well as a state of the art laser-cutter. With our strong team we’re working on a daily basis to create the final products of which both parties are completely satisfied with.

As a finishing touch we can also feature your company logo or name prominently in the design, either by using pressure or etching it with the laser-cutter. All leather used in Buffel Leatherworks Atelier is from Europe.


It doesn’t matter whether you use leather products daily or intensively, leather is there for you. When you use quality equipment, you’ll also provide quality products. By protecting your products with a custom made leather armour you will extend the lifespan as well, whether this is a phone, transceiver, tablet or barcodescanner.

Products for the Royal House of the Netherlands

Buffel Leatherworks Atelier has already produced numerous products for the Royal House of the Netherlands. Our work can be seen during the coronation of our king Willem-Alexander, but also other ceremonial occasions such as “Prinsjesdag”. Many components of the uniform were produced by us, like gibernes (cartridge cases) and sheaths for sabers.

Completely set table

A completely set table becomes extra stylish by using leather products. It doesn’t matter if it’s wine-bottle holders, placemats, coasters, napkin rings or menucard holders, leather provides the protection and looks. Don’t think leather is limited to just one look though! Our durable leather has many different textures and colours.


Not only in couches and armchairs does leather prove itself as the most luxurious and comfortable material, time and time again. You can use leather in a variety of different ways in both a classical and modern interior design. Buffel Leatherworks Atelier creates tailor-made leather furnishings for hip bars and chic reception desks for hotels or offices. But don’t forget other, maybe not as obvious furnishings such as pillars and leather panels for cabinets and kitchens.